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Whether a home is newly yours or you’re just sprucing it up, these handcrafted shutters add beauty and value to it that will endure. The money and time saved with a quick and easy DIY installation is by design – down to every detail with you in mind.


From the pre-drilled frames and easy-to-follow labels, to the durable materials and warranty, these shutters can get started lasting you a lifetime.



The traditional tilt rod that operates the shutter louvers can get in the way. Our innovated TiltFree™ eliminates the tilt rod, keeping your shutters streamlined and your view unobstructed.

DIY Installation in 5 Simple Steps

In only five steps, these shutters will save you money (and of course time)! Pre-mitered, pre-drilled frames and easy-to-follow location labels take the guesswork out of the experience. This DIY job will be a job well done.
Our DIY custom shutters installation is easier than assembling furniture.

Frame Inserts

Put an instant finishing touch on your installation with these frame inserts. Not a sign of a screw – only a professional installation job and a perfect frame.
Frame inserts snap in to finish your Veneta shutter installation

Patented Coating

Superior to traditional paints, the coating makes the shutters extremely durable and resistant to cracking, yellowing, and chipping over time.
Veneta Shutters have a durable surface coating, the same kind used to protect helmets and cars.


Your shutters are guaranteed to last worry-free for years to come.
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Veneta Shutters comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

For the most accurate assessment of colors and patterns, please request free swatch samples from homedepot.com.

Louver Sizes


2.5 inch shutter louvers open
Favorite for small windows, great for any size.


3 inch shutter louvers open
A popular choice for most windows.


3.5 inch shutter louvers open
Wider views made for larger windows.

Frame Style (Outside Mount)

Deco Frame

Shutter Deco Frame
The ornate decorative frame is perfect for a classic look.

L Frame

Custom Shutters L Frame
Clean lines offer a contemporary look.

Frame Style (Inside Mount)

Hang Strip

Custom Shutters Hang Strip
A simple style complements the existing window trim or sill.

Louver Operation

How your louvers tilt.

Louver Operation with a Traditional Tilt Rod

Standard Tilt Rod

Tilt the louvers with this traditional tilt rod option that matches the classic style of your shutters.
Louver Operation with a TiltFree


This innovation eliminates the tilt rod used to open and close shutter louvers. Simply tilt the louvers by hand.

Panel Configuration

Your shutter panel configuration determines how your shutters will open and will depend on your window opening measurements.

Shutter Panel Configuration - 1 Panel

1 Panel

Panel opens to the left or the right.
Min. Window Width: 10 1/4”
Max. Window Width: 34 7/8”
Shutter Panel Configuration - 2 Panels

2 Panels

One panel swings open to the left; one panel swings open to the right.
Min. Window Width: 20 1/4”
Max. Window Width: 70 3/4”
Shutter Panel Configuration - 4 Bifold Panels

4 Panels

Left bifold panel folds and then opens to the left; right bifold panel folds and then opens to the right.
Min. Window Width: 40”
Max. Window Width: 92”

How to Measure for Your Shutters

Pro Tips:
– Use metal measuring tape, as cloth tapes may stretch.
– Measure to the nearest 1/8”
– Do NOT add or subtract. Order with the exact measurements.
– Always measure twice to ensure accuracy.
Tools needed for measuring
– Metal measuring tape
– Pencil
– Paper

Step 1: Window Frame Size

Shutter measuring guide - 3 measurements for step 1
Measure inside width and height in 3 places.
Diagonal Measurements for Outside Mount Shutters
PRO TIP: Take two diagonal measurements. If the difference between the two is greater than 1/2 inch, an outside mount is recommended.

Step 2: Window Style

Does your window tilt inward?
Window Type, No Tilt In
Window Type, Tilt In

Step 3: Window Type

Do you have a protruding sill or window trim?
Window with No Trim or Sill
Window with Sill Only
Window with Trim Only
Window with Both Trim and Sill

Step 4: Wall Clearance for Outside Mounts

Measure how much wall space is around your window. Use the smallest measurement.
How much window clearance or wall space is around the outside of your window
Note: Measuring for Outside Mount Frames
There is a minimum mounting space requirement for outside mounted shutters. See chart for details:
Frame Style Min. Space Required
L Frame 1 1/2″
Deco Frame 2 5/8″

Step 5: Window Depth

Measure the depth of the window – from the edge of the wall to the window pane.
The depth of the window, from the edge of the wall to the window pane
How do I clean my shutters?
Use a clean, dry feather duster, cloth or vacuum with brush attachment to gently remove dust and debris. To ensure thorough cleaning, wipe the louvers in an open and closed position. Do not immerse the product in water or use abrasive chemical solvents. For best results use a cotton cloth dampened with water. Polyester cloths tend to create static, which can attract dust. Ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended.
How do I order sample swatches?
This is one of the best ways to get a closer look at our colors and patterns! You can request up to 10 swatch samples at once from homedepot.com. To place your order, go to Color on the product’s page and select “Order Sample,” which appears below each color that you wish to receive. Selecting “Request Samples” will then direct you to a page to fill out your shipping details. Then complete your order by selecting “Send My Free Samples”!