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Veneta™ cellular shades are made from premium fabrics. Insulating cells help regulate interior temperatures while bringing a stylish pleated look to your windows.
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The ultra slim top-down/bottom-up ClearFit™ style shade, is a Veneta™ exclusive product that mounts securely on all four corners of any window – making it a great solution for French doors and skylights.
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ClearFit™ cellular shades for doors

For the most accurate assessment of colors and patterns, please request free swatch samples from homedepot.com.

Light Filtering

Fabric Opacities

Let plenty of natural sunlight fill your home with a translucent sheer fabric.
Block out harmful UV rays while letting in softly diffused sunlight.
Perfect for rooms which require full room darkening and complete privacy.

Single Cell

Most popular construction, with one cell chamber layer.

3/8 Inch

3/8 inch, single cell
Least mounting depth required – ideal for ClearFit™

9/16 Inch

9/16 inch, single cell
Most Popular

3/4 Inch

3/4 inch, single cell
Ideal for common window sizes

1 1/4 Inch

1 1/4 inches, single cell
Large cells look best on large windows

Double Cell

Extra cellular layer offers more insulation.

1/2 Inch

1/2 inch double cell
For smaller windows that need extra insulation

3/4 Inch

3/4 inch, double cell
For common and larger windows that need extra insulation.
Traditional style shade lifts from the bottom.
Width: 8.5″ – 120″
Height: 6″ – 144″
Top-Down/ Bottom-Up
Shade pulls down from the top or lifts up from the bottom.
Width: 8.5″ – 96″
Height: 6″ – 144″
Control multiple shades with one remote. Great for large and hard to reach windows.
Width: 22″ – 120″
Height: 10″ – 86″
Day & Night
Two fabrics in one shade offers multiple light and privacy control options.
Width: 8.5″ – 96″
Height: 10″ – 144″
Perfect for large windows and patio doors. Helps insulate against outside temperature.
Width: 30″ – 146″
Height: 24″ – 120″

How to Measure

Use a Metal Measuring Tape (Cloth Tapes May Stretch)

Inside Mount

Blinds & shades are mounted inside the window casing.


Measure in 3 places to the nearest 1/8″. Order using the shortest measurement.



Measure in 3 places to the nearest 1/8″. Order using the longest measurement.
How to measure width and height for an inside mount window

Outside Mount

Blinds & shades are mounted outside the window casing. Eliminates the light gap around windows.


Measure in 3 places to the nearest 1/8″. Order using the shortest measurement.



Measure in 3 places to the nearest 1/8″. Order using the longest measurement.
How to measure width and height for an inside mount window

Width & Height

Measure the exact width and height of the area to be covered. Add 4″ to both width and height for better light and privacy control. 2″ for each side as per drawing.
How to measure width and height for an outside mount

What is the most popular choice for operating cellular shades?

The cordless lift system is the most popular choice of system for operating cellular shades. The ClearFit™ slim rail cordless top-down/bottom-up is another popular choice.

Can I get window coverings for my skylight windows?

Yes, ClearFit™ for sloped windows is a streamlined solution for skylights that won’t droop in the middle or have dangling cords.

What are the advantages of ClearFit™ cellular shades?

ClearFit™ operates on two cords installed close to the left and right of windows. The gap between the window frames is 1/8″ compared to a 1/4″ gap on other lift systems. This provides a tighter fit to eliminate light seepage on the sides. There are no center cords like traditional top-down/bottom-up. This creates a clean and unobstructed view when the shade is lowered.

Can I order sheer fabric on the bottom part of my Day & Night cellular shades?

No; sheer fabric can only be placed on the top of the shade.

What’s the difference between double cell and single cell?

Double cell provides better insulation: it blocks more heat and has a much greater ability to keep outside temperatures out and inside temperatures in. For rooms that receive lots of sunlight, double cell cellular shades are more effective.

Do I need to submit a template for specialty cellular shades?

No. Simply provide window width, height, and leg height (if applicable).

How do I know what cell sizes to choose?

3/8″ single cell provides a more pleated look, ideal for smaller windows.
9/16″ single cell is our most popular cell size.
3/4″ single cell is perfect for most windows.
1 1/4″ single cell works best for larger windows.
1/2″ double cell provides double the insulation.
3/4″ double cell traps more air for added insulation.

What will the color of my shade be facing the street?

The shade color facing outside will always be white.

How do I clean my cellular shades?

Cellular shades can be cleaned by using a dry cloth, feather duster, vacuum with brush attachment, compressed air, or a hair dryer at a cool setting to remove dust and debris. For spot cleaning, use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water. Add mild detergent if needed. Blot gently to avoid creasing the shade, and let dry in the lowered position. For significant residue build up, professional ultrasonic cleaning may be used. Do not scrub fabric or use harsh chemicals. Never immerse the shade in liquid.

Can I order sample swatches?

This is one of the best ways to get a closer look at our colors and patterns! You can request up to 10 swatch samples at once from homedepot.com. To place your order, scroll to Color on the product’s page and select “Order Sample,” which appears below each color that you wish to receive. Selecting “Request Samples” will then direct you to a page to fill out your shipping details. Then complete your order by selecting “Send My Free Samples”!
FAQ for Motorization

What motor brand is used?

This motor is created in-house specifically for our products.

What kind of remote is used?

It is a 15-channel remote. Each channel can control up to 20 shades.

Can I assign a channel to control each shade?

Yes! You can assign a different channel to control each shade when configuring a unit.

Can I assign 3 shades to 1 channel?

Yes! Up to 20 shades can be communicated to via the same channel, but it is recommended to assign one channel per shade. This will allow group control or individual unit control.

Can the shades be controlled all at once?

Yes! You can choose to control all shades together or control a specific shade only. If you receive all the shades in the same order, you should be able to operate all shades at the same time by changing the channel to channel 0. However, if some of your shades are not from the same order, you need to follow the instructions on “Programming motorized cellular shades” in our spec book to pair them.

How to set up the remote?

All remotes are pre-programmed and ready to use. There’s no need to set up the remote.

I bought 2 motorized shades and a remote already. If I buy another 1 motorized shade, will my existing remote work with the new shades?

Yes! Your existing remote can work with new shades. However, it will require additional set up to pair your remote with the new shades. Follow the instructions on “Programming motorized cellular shades” in our spec book to pair them.

If I order multiple shades with individual remotes in an order, can I use one remote to control any shade in the same order?

No, each remote is paired up with a particular shade. If you misplace any of your remotes, please take all your remotes and try them on one shade at a time to see which one works.

Is motorization available with cellular skylights?

The skylight cellular shade is equipped with ClearFit™ system, a cordless top-down/bottom-up system. Motorization is available to bottom-up cellular only.

How many batteries are required?

The remote requires 1 x CR2450 battery. The motor runs on an AC adapter and does not need batteries.

What cell sizes are available with motorization?

All cell sizes and fabrics are available with motorization.

What is the warranty coverage?

Motorization components are covered under warranty for 5 years.

Am I able to connect my motorized blinds with Alexa or Google Home?

At this time, Veneta™ motorization is not compatible with Alexa or any smart device.