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Rejuvenate your home décor with the clean, modern look of roller & solar shades! Learn more about new options made to suit your style, light control and privacy needs:


    • More natural textured fabrics
    • Eco-friendly solar fabrics
    • Battery powered motorized option
    • Same signature innovations
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Cordless Lift System

Our cordless shades can be moved effortlessly and freely to precisely the place you want them. Traditional roller shades need to be pulled down first to be raised up.
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Easy-to-operate cordless solar shades for large windows

For the most accurate assessment of colors and patterns, please request free swatch samples from homedepot.com.

Light Filtering Designer

West End


Valley View

Light Filtering Natural


Room Darkening



Manhattan 1%
Posh 1%
Capri 1%
Lucent 1%
Laguna 1%
City Nights 3%
Manhattan 3%
Posh 3%
Laguna 3%
Layla 3%
Tuscany 3%
Lucent 5%
Capri 5%
June 5%
Manhattan 5%
Lucent 7%
Posh 7%
Tuscany 7%
Skyline 10%
Tuscany 10%



Block harmful UV rays with glare-preventing solar screens that include new more eco-friendly 100% polyester fabrics.


Quality natural woven materials make these shades beautiful and durable.

Light Filtering

Choose different levels of light filtration with Designer styles.

Room Darkening

Block most light and get the most privacy with room-darkening fabrics.

Top Treatments

Square Fascia

Add an elegant touch to a room with a traditional-style square fascia.

Curved Fascia with Fabric Insert

Modernize your window with the sleek, clean look of a curved fascia.


Cordless roller shade operation
Our signature cordless roller shades move effortlessly to the desired position. No pulling down and releasing required to raise the shade. Learn more!
Width: 18″ – 84″
Height: 12″ – 96″


Motorized shades operate with a push of a remote, ready to use right out of the box!
Width: 16″ – 84″
Height: 12″ – 120″

Chain Loop

Corded chain loop roller shades operation
The state-of-the-art system does the heavy lifting for you – simply pull to glide your shade effortlessly into place.
Width: 12″ – 84″
Height: 12″ – 120″

Coupled Shades

Coupled shades, side-by-side, operation
Operate two shades with one control system. Ideal for side-by-side windows.
Width: 24″ – 168″
Height: 12″ – 120″

Dual Shades

Corded roller dual shades operation
Enjoy the benefits of two different shade fabrics in one window. Each operates independently for the ultimate choice in light and privacy control.
Width: 12″ – 84″
Height: 12″ – 96″

How to Measure

Use a Metal Measuring Tape (Cloth Tapes May Stretch)

Inside Mount

Blinds & shades are mounted inside the window casing.


Measure in 3 places to the nearest 1/8″. Order using the shortest measurement.


Measure in 3 places to the nearest 1/8″. Order using the longest measurement.
How to measure width and height for an inside mount window

Outside Mount

Blinds & shades are mounted outside the window casing. Eliminates the light gap around windows.


Measure in 3 places to the nearest 1/8″. Order using the shortest measurement.


Measure in 3 places to the nearest 1/8″. Order using the longest measurement
How to measure width and height for an inside mount window

Width & Height

Measure the exact width and height of the area to be covered. Add 4″ to both width and height for better light and privacy control. 2″ for each side as per drawing.
How to measure width and height for an outside mount
Do you offer reverse roll?
Yes, reverse roll is only available without top treatment.
Can I adjust the tension for my cordless roller shades?
If a cordless shade has been tending to slide down on its own or has been failing to roll up, the issue can be easily fixed by turning the adjustment dial towards the plus, “+”, to increase the tension. If the cordless shade cannot stop at the desired height and tends to roll up by itself, the tension can be decreased by turning the adjustment dial towards the minus, “-”. It is suggested that you make this adjustment when roller fabrics are fully dropped down.
What is difference between a roller and solar shade?
They use the same rolling mechanism. The only difference is the fabric. Solar shades offer better protection of your home from harmful UV rays, but they do not provide complete privacy. Roller shades provide more privacy and light control and offer a wider variety of fabric options to match your home decor.
Roller shades generally have a larger light gap on the sides. What can I do to block incoming light from the sides?
Go with an outside mount – add 4” to both width and height (2” for each side) for better light and privacy control. Or order light guards if you want to mount the shades inside.
How do I clean my roller shades?
Roller shades can be cleaned by handheld vacuum, spot cleaning, or dusting. For spot cleaning, use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water. Add mild detergent if needed. Blot gently to avoid creasing or damaging the fabric.
Can I add on a valance after my purchase?
A top treatment is not available after purchase.
Can I order hold down brackets?
Yes, hold down brackets are available when outside mount option is selected (not available with motorized shades).
Are extension brackets available to help with installation?
Yes, spacer blocks (shims) are available for Outside Mount orders.
How many channels does the remote control come with?
Our motorized lift system comes with a 5-channel remote, which operates multiple shades individually or simultaneously.
Do the coupled shades work individually?
The two shades are operated by one control, so coupled shades must be lifted together.
  • Available: Chain Loop & Motorized Operation
  • Not Available: Cordless Operation
Can I order sample swatches?
This is one of the best ways to get a closer look at our colors and patterns! You can request up to 10 swatch samples at once from homedepot.com. To place your order, go to Color on the product’s page and select “Order Sample,” which appears below each color that you wish to receive. Selecting “Request Samples” will then direct you to a page to fill out your shipping details. Then complete your order by selecting “Send My Free Samples”!